Financial Causes of Divorce

Although there are many different reasons for America’s increasing divorce rate, financial conflicts are a usual scenario in a marriage, and are often a straining factor in the relationship. People who are reckless in their spending habits and are lacking the ability to procure a financial plan can negatively affect the relationship between their partner and the marriage itself. Arguing about financial matters on a daily basis also increases the chances a couple will file for divorce. It is important that both know how to manage their finances because in an unpredictable economy, unexpected changes such as a job loss or bankruptcy can ruin even a strong relationship.

Keeping the marriage afloat during a financial problem can be difficult. Some couples tend to choose filing for bankruptcy as a means to help them manage their financial problems caused by debts and money shortage. Options such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help in keeping certain possessions and properties, while having a repayment plan to clear out the debts. Choosing the right type of bankruptcy would allow debtors to manage their finances, properties, and assets better so that they can move forward debt-free. Having legal counsel during these times would help ensure that all debts are accounted for, properties and assets are protected, and debts which can be deductible are taken out of the repayment plan.

Money matters, and in a marriage, it can be a great factor that can cause a divorce. Many marriages have ended in divorce because of financial issues. Whether it is because of debts, budgeting, or even bankruptcy, money and finances in a marriage is one of the leading causes of the rising divorce rates in the United States. Whatever the reason may be for the money being tight, issues about money will put a strain of the relationship. If this pressure gets to be too much for even one partner, they may end up giving up the relationship and choose to file for divorce.

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The Effects of Truck Accidents

Truckers have it hard; being on the road all the time, working long hours, and being away from family. A lot of things call for compromise when you choose to be a truck driver, although the payout is enough to compensate for it. Truckers carry heavy loads from one point to another, more often covering long distances in order to deliver an order. The demand for delivery and long working hours is among the main reasons why there are truck accidents in many of the roads in the U.S.

When a truck driver gets involved in a collision or accident while on the job, their injuries are covered by worker’s compensation regardless of where the accident had taken place. Since the majority of these truck accidents happen away from the employer’s main office, it would help to have legal representation, such as Williams Kherkher who has represented many victims in these types of accidents, to assist in filing for worker’s compensation. The long distances can be a hindrance in acquiring the necessary financial aid to cover for the medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other damages.

Aside from the worker’s compensation, a truck driver can also file for a claim versus the other driver or insurance company for physical and emotional pain and suffering. This can be pursued if the accident was caused by the other driver’s negligence or recklessness, and particularly if the accident resulted in a permanent disability. When it comes to personal injury claims against a third party, it is necessary to prove that negligence is the cause of the accident and injury; on the other hand, worker’s compensation can be given even if the accident was caused by you.

For those who choose to claim both worker’s compensation and personal injury – it should be noted that these two have different time requirement for filing. Worker’s compensation should be file immediately (within a matter of days), otherwise the employer may have a defense against providing for your claim. Likewise, personal injury claims can be filed for up to five years (depending on which state), and when evidence of a permanent disability are really apparent.

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Complications from the DePuy Hip Implant

People who have used the DePuy ASR are at risk of having hip replacement complications following a product recall last August 2010. This is after an initial lawsuit filed in July 2010 claiming that the hip replacement device was flawed in design, and that the DePuy Orthopedics, Inc. (manufacturers of the medical device) was aware of the possible complications that may arise but did not issue any warnings to their patients and/or surgeons. As a result, Johnson & Johnson, which DePuy Orthopedics is the device subsidiary, has agreed to pay a total of $4 billion as settlement for thousands of lawsuits filed against them.

Touted as the largest payout in liability claims when it comes to medical products, the settlement will benefit about 7,000 to 8,000 patients who have subsequent hip replacement surgery after being injured by the defective DePuy artificial all-metal hip. The product recall – and ensuing lawsuits – was made when 12 percent of the installed units failed within five years of surgery. It typically takes more than 15 years for artificial hips to require replacements due to weathering.

Based on reports, the all-metal composition of the DePuy hip unit creates debris every time it slides against the metal cup, causing tissue death in the surrounding joint which has, in some case, endangered the patient’s blood due to increased metal ions. The complication has contributed to crippling injuries for some patients. The settlement deal will only be given to patients who had the hip device removed after suffering from complications. Those who will experience complications with the DePuy artificial hip device, and would be forced to have corrective hip replacement surgery, can file for compensation in the future.

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Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise ships have been receiving a lot of negative publicity lately, mainly because of the increase in lawsuits filed against them by their passengers. In the past years, there has been an increase of passengers claiming they have been injured or harmed during their vacation on a cruise ship. These injuries, whether they are minor or require serious treatment, can be consequential to which the victims are not ready to handle.

The latest news about cruise ship lawsuits is about a woman who went overboard during her Caribbean cruise last October 2012. The woman, Sam Kirby (31 years old), alleged that she was encouraged to drink more alcohol by a bartender, and that the cruise ship waited for an hour and a half before turning the boat around to save her after she was in the water for about two hours without a life vest. She also claims that rather than being airlifted to Miami to treat her serious injuries, she was only given painkillers by the cruise’s doctors. The victim is suing Carnival Cruises for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, after experiencing the ordeal where she felt death was forthcoming from the dangers of shark attacks or drowning.

Despite the video evidence and witness testimonies, prosecuting cruise lines for personal injury can be a difficult and complicated process. It mainly helps that you should get a maritime lawyer, or a lawyer who is knowledgeable in these type of tort law because there are many existing laws that should be considered which are not part or present in other areas of the law. According to the website of the Ausband & Dumont Law Firm, because cruise ships go to other places outside the U.S., there are other laws that can affect the result of a personal injury claim after a cruise ship injury. This can be, in part, because of how the ship is in international waters, or because the laws in the country where the ship is ported are different.

There are many parties that can be involved in a cruise ship lawsuit, and as the Louis A. Vucci, PA, who have extensive experience in handling cruise ship claims and injuries point out on their website, these different parties can also be held liable for the injuries sustained. Getting professional legal help immediately is a must, since there are statutes of limitations regarding maritime laws and failing to follow proper procedures and rules could render the lawsuit invalid, resulting to zero compensation.

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Achieving a Youthful Look with Botox

With the raising awareness for health and wellness, more and more people are doing everything they can so that they can stay in good physical condition. Aside from exercise and a healthy lifestyle, a majority of people have become concerned with looking young, and with the advancements of medicine and technology, these have become possible through various cosmetic procedures.

Among the most popular and common cosmetic procedures is Botox. Botox has been used for many years to successfully treat wrinkles and fine lines in the face. It works by blocking the signal of the nerves to the muscles, and once injected, prevents the muscles from contracting. This results in the wrinkles being relaxed and possesses a softened appearance. The effect will become fully visible after three to seven days, and the effect of Botox can last from four to six months.

Although there are side effects of using Botox, such as temporary bruising and headaches, they have rarely been involved in any medical malpractice lawsuits. Many medical malpractice lawsuits result from negligence or recklessness of medical professionals. There have been reports of Botox injections going wrong, but these are mainly from unlicensed medical professionals who have no right to perform the surgery in the first place. Some people even try to perform the procedure in their own homes without any kind of training, which is almost like asking for something to go wrong. This is one reason why it is important to check the doctor first to avoid any injuries or health risks that could result from any medical malpractice. You can usually search for a physician on the internet prior to engaging his or her services. This will enlighten you on what his or her specialties are.

Botox is generally a safe and widely used cosmetic surgery procedure. There are, however, people who should not get Botox, and these are pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding, or those who are suffering from neurological diseases. There are certain medications that you should not take prior to getting Botox injections to ensure its effectiveness. It would be beneficial to consult a doctor first before undergoing Botox. What people should also be aware of is that this type of surgery is not covered by insurance, therefore you should be prepared to pay for with your own money, although you can always check with your insurance policy.

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