Steps to Follow if Your Car Breaks Down while Driving

Stalling on the highway is extremely dangerous, however there are steps drivers can follow to put themselves in a safer situation. If there is traffic or no traffic, or if traveling on a road or a highway, drivers should be aware of their surroundings in order to protect themselves.

Car manufacturers should provide a certain standard of safety when selling cars to the public. However, cars can malfunction. These malfunctions are especially threatening if cars stop working during operation. If this happens, steps to take include coasting along the shoulder, staying in your car, and alerting other drivers of the situation.

Coasting along the shoulder will prevent rear-ending accidents, and give the driver a better view of traffic behind. Once the car starts again, drivers can get back into the lane easier because they can see all approaching traffic.

If the driver gets out of the car, they put themselves at risk of being hit by another car. Although sitting in the unmoving car seems daunting, it is much safer than getting out. If possible, put on flashers so that highway patrol can come help.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, alert other drivers of the situation. If approaching cars don’t realize what is happening, they can rear-end the stalled car. This can cause a chain reaction, and soon a portion of the highway is involved in the accident. Ways to alert other cars are waving something out of the window, honking, flashing lights, and putting on emergency blinkers.

When a car stalls, the driver is never completely safe. However, if these guidelines are followed, you can better protect yourself from injury.

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