How to Protect Your Newborn from Birth Injuries

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. The greatest day of their lives becomes the most tragic when something goes wrong during the birth. Their new child is injured or dies, and worst of all, it could all have been prevented.

Horrible as that sounds, it happens every day. After getting the relief of knowing no genetic birth defects exist, most parents breath a sigh of relief, at least until they realize there is yet another risk ahead. Birth injuries can cause long-term damage and can ruin lives. They can be expensive. They may also require the involvement of birth injury lawyers.

So, what can be done to avoid the situation outright? Well, of course, nothing is one hundred percent effective. There is always the chance something could go wrong. But that doesn’t mean steps can’t be taken to minimize the risk.

On the one hand, some personal steps can be taken to ensure your health is the best it can be. That means sleeping as much as possible (always difficult during pregnancy, but get as much rest as possible). It also means eating well, drinking enough water, getting as much exercise as you can. Watch your weight (not to the point you are afraid to gain what you need to gain, but keep extra pounds to a minimum) and keep a close eye on any medical issues you may have (such as diabetes).

At the same time, avoid all the things your doctor tells you to. That means no alcohol (even if studies are inconclusive about having a little here and there), no smoking, no drugs of any sorts. In essence, you want to be living the healthiest life you possibly can from the moment you become pregnant until after the birth. Ideally, you’ll continue those practices afterward as well, but for the purposes of this article, at least continue them through the birth.

Other steps you can take would be regular prenatal care. That means seeing your doctor often. Ask all the questions you have and report any symptoms you feel are odd. Don’t feel embarrassed or like you need to cut it short. If you have to hold the doctor for an extra five minutes in order to make sure everything is answered, that is fine.

Finally, make sure you have a doctor you trust. Is your doctor experienced? Do they seem to know what they’re talking about? Do they have a strong record? Have they been highly recommended? Ask around and read reviews. If you are at all unsure, find another doctor.

These steps won’t ensure nothing goes wrong during the birth, but they can definitely minimize any risk. That is all you can ever do as a parent. Simply minimize the risk as much as possible and know you are doing the best you can.

A final word. While all these steps should be taken, try to worry as little as possible. It’s a scary possibility to add on to an already scary situation, but remember that stress is bad for the baby and for you and that the vast vast majority of pregnancies go off without a hitch!

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Employment Testing to Avoid Workplace Injuries

Employers in the growing economy can face many problems throughout the course of their existence. They must adhere to safety protocols enforced by government agencies, provide adequate conditions and wages for their employees, and maintain a competent composure in how they conduct business. One area where companies are greatly overspending is in their safety budgets and allotments that they can owe to injured employees for compensation for medical bills. Fortunately, there are companies that provide innovative practices to alleviate this massive overspending in the area of workers compensation.

There are companies that specialize in employment testing to appropriately place employees in positions that will not cause them to be injured. The service that these companies provide is to ensure that employers can lower their costs in worker’s compensation or other compensatory programs. These tests can appropriately assign an individual to the position where they will be least likely to injure themselves. Through appropriately placing their employees, companies can experience safer workplace environments that can dramatically reduce the costs to their worker’s compensation claims department.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015 there were roughly 2.8 million injuries that occurred within a workplace environment. This alarming figure is due to the fact that many employers do not conduct pre employment screenings to protect their workers in the industrial setting. Employment testing companies like this one in Austin have had great success with their methods and how they apply to businesses around the country. For specific years, these companies were able to lower the injuries and cost per claim by more than 60%.

Many of these companies have started shifting their focus from providing solutions to the workplace injury epidemic as businesses extend working hours and compromise on worker safety, in order to focus on providing a wider range of commercial services. They are an innovative force in the field of employee safety and should continue to see success as long as they remain focused on improving the lives of workers everywhere.

The employment testing industry was created as a way to better understand the needs of employees in regards to their workplace assignments. The success of these testing companies is largely due to the commitment to individual employee safety precautions by the employers who turn to them for help. Their knowledge and application of workplace safety are leading by example for other companies that involve employees in situations where they could be potentially injured.

A number of lives saved and decreases in company expenses are a testament to employment testing companies’ success in the market. Innovative companies such as these are quite literally the future for providing safe environments for workers everywhere.

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Offshore Outsourcing: What Makes it Advantageous

Offshore outsourcing refers to the practice of contracting out a business process to an external third party organization that is located in another country. Besides cutting costs and maximizing profits – the main reasons why host firms resort to this business strategy, lack of individuals with the necessary skills is also cited as another essential factor. This second concern can easily be addressed by the chosen third party firm and at a much lower cost too. This is because cost of salary and operating costs in developing countries, considering currency conversion, is definitely so much lower compared to performing the same business functions in the host firm’s own country.

Based on the paragraph above, two factors are clearly necessary in offshore outsourcing: a host company from a developed country, such as the United States or Australia, and a third party organization from a developing country that has the capability to access and deliver digital data anywhere around the globe through the use of global electronic internet network.

The Philippines is one country where offshore outsourcing has particularly grown so fast. Some of the reasons why this is so include:

  • The government’s increasing support on IT investment and the availability of good telecommunication infrastructures that are reasonably priced;
  • High-quality locations at low cost;
  • Income-tax holiday offered by the government; and,
  • A large pool of graduates (up to 400,000 every year) with good English communication skills and knowledge in ICT as potential candidates for needed job vacancies (this means that outsourced projects will be handled by English speaking and highly-skilled individuals).

One example of an offshore outsourcing firm in the Philippines is Pinoy Partners Outsourcing Center Inc., which says that the many types of services an offshore third party firm can offer include:

  • 24/7 live chat support;
  • Customer relations management;
  • Creative processes;
  • HR solutions;
  • Software development;
  • Application maintenance;
  • Healthcare information management;
  • Medical transcription;
  • Medical billing;
  • Records retrieval/collection;
  • Data entry;
  • Data processing;
  • Research;
  • Legal services;
  • Content writing, copywriting and blogging.



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Effects of Sex Crimes on Victims

Effects of Sex Crimes on Victims

Sex crimes are some of the most controversial crimes in existence. This is understandable, because of its moral implications and effects on victims. The negative effects of sex crimes on victims may depend on various factors, such as the nature of the sex crime, its severity, the victim’s age, and how the victim personally responses to such a crime.
The website has enumerated various forms of sex crimes, including those that involve minors, such as statutory rape, solicitation of a minor, and sexual exploitation of a minor, and others including those that involve force, such as rape and spousal sexual battery – and these have their own unique effects on victims, and these effects will vary depending on the factors stated above.

Physical Effects

If the sex crime involves a lot of force, like rape, the victims are more prone to physical effects, such as anal or vaginal bleeding, difficulty sitting, standing, and walking, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary infections, and even unwanted pregnancies.
But there can also be physical effects that don’t directly involve the anal and vaginal areas, because the victim may also sustain broken bones, bruises, and cuts from the excessive force.

Emotional and Psychological Effects

The worst sex crimes have the worst emotional and psychological effects, including anger, anxiety, denial, depression, embarrassment, and loss of self-worth. These will further result in other behavioral changes, including disinterest to social interactions, increased irritability, and escapist behaviors such as overeating, oversleeping, overworking, and worst of all, suicide.
Even the relatively minor sex offenses, such as sexual harassment in the office, can have effects. Victims may suffer from productivity issues, and may even intentionally avoid work by calling in sick.

What to Do

Do not be afraid to step up and fight for yourself. If you have been a victim of a sex crime, report it to local authorities, and better, consult with an attorney to help with your case against your sexual offender.
However, the website of the Flaherty Defense Firm says that accusations of sexual misconduct may be defended. So, it is expected that the offender will defend himself or herself as well. But the important thing here is that you rise and try to fight for what is right.

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When Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies Commit Mistakes

A doctor is always the person to turn to whenever someone’s life is threatened by a serious illness. With all his/her training and deep knowledgeable about the human body, health and medicinal products, plus his/her access to so many modern medical devices, doctors would only naturally be thought of as definitely capable of providing the needed effective treatment for any type of illness. However, reality shows otherwise and, rather than just a big number of doctors causing new health problems than providing medical solutions, it is obvious that there is another source of problem, probably something bigger than doctors that the government and the medical community need to focus on – pharmaceutical firms.

Though more than 750,000 deaths due to poor medical care are recorded in the U.S. every year. These include: unnecessary prescriptions; people being subjected to surgical procedures which are actually not needed; and, people being confined in hospitals despite this not really being necessary. These are clearly doctor errors. More cases, however, are recorded which involve adverse effects of prescription drugs or medical devices. These are usually due to drugs that have not been fully tested, yet are claimed safe and effective by their manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical companies know that they have a moral and legal obligation to make sure that all of their medicinal products are safe and effective in treating the serious health conditions for which these were manufactured for. Thus, it is very necessary that, before being approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for public use, these medicines, especially prescription drugs, are first clinically tested to see their actual effects on patients. Besides treating ailments, medicines are also supposed to keep people in good health.

Unfortunately, many products remain defective and harmful to unsuspecting users (who only get to find out about the product’s adverse effects after they have been harmed by it). Due to the many kinds of harm, some too severe, suffered by patients in the past, the U.S. FDA has issued many warnings and recalls on medicines, especially if it can be proven that their risks outweigh the benefits they provide.

To make patients aware of the drug’s potential dangers too, the FDA requires manufacturers to clearly state in their drug’s label the risk/s associated to its use. If the drug’s side-effects are quite severe, then the FDA may issue a block box warning, the most serious form of caution it issues.

According to Tucson dangerous product attorneys at Russo, Russo & Slania, P.C., “Every year, countless new products are released for public consumption in the American marketplace. Far too often, however, these products have not undergone adequate testing for safety or are otherwise compromised in such a way that their use poses a substantial threat of injury to consumers. In the worst of cases, dangerous or defective products may even result in death.

Product liability laws are in place in order to safeguard consumers against having to suffer the costs of the consequences that their injuries may have. Victims of serious injuries or other types of harm caused by a defective product should know that justice and compensation may be available to them.”

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