Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise ships have been receiving a lot of negative publicity lately, mainly because of the increase in lawsuits filed against them by their passengers. In the past years, there has been an increase of passengers claiming they have been injured or harmed during their vacation on a cruise ship. These injuries, whether they are minor or require serious treatment, can be consequential to which the victims are not ready to handle.

The latest news about cruise ship lawsuits is about a woman who went overboard during her Caribbean cruise last October 2012. The woman, Sam Kirby (31 years old), alleged that she was encouraged to drink more alcohol by a bartender, and that the cruise ship waited for an hour and a half before turning the boat around to save her after she was in the water for about two hours without a life vest. She also claims that rather than being airlifted to Miami to treat her serious injuries, she was only given painkillers by the cruise’s doctors. The victim is suing Carnival Cruises for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, after experiencing the ordeal where she felt death was forthcoming from the dangers of shark attacks or drowning.

Despite the video evidence and witness testimonies, prosecuting cruise lines for personal injury can be a difficult and complicated process. It mainly helps that you should get a maritime lawyer, or a lawyer who is knowledgeable in these type of tort law because there are many existing laws that should be considered which are not part or present in other areas of the law. According to the website of the Ausband & Dumont Law Firm, because cruise ships go to other places outside the U.S., there are other laws that can affect the result of a personal injury claim after a cruise ship injury. This can be, in part, because of how the ship is in international waters, or because the laws in the country where the ship is ported are different.

There are many parties that can be involved in a cruise ship lawsuit, and as the Louis A. Vucci, PA, who have extensive experience in handling cruise ship claims and injuries point out on their website, these different parties can also be held liable for the injuries sustained. Getting professional legal help immediately is a must, since there are statutes of limitations regarding maritime laws and failing to follow proper procedures and rules could render the lawsuit invalid, resulting to zero compensation.

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